Athletics and Physical Education


Our PE Department is a great place for athletes to thrive! So many opportunities for students of all skill levels are available here.

Welcome to the Physical Education Department!

The Physical Education Department is committed to providing students with quality instruction that provides worthwhile experiences which will encourage all students to be physically active for life. The purpose of physical education courses is to help students develop essential skills for use in future leisure activity. Physical education teachers at Cowichan Secondary aim to engage students in life long participation in physical activity. Physical education at Cowichan Secondary School is structured to encourage participation and interaction that leads to a healthy and productive lifestyle.


Department Head:  Mr. Sandeep Heer

Mr. Heer is a proud Cowichan Secondary School graduate.  At Cowichan Secondary School Mr. Heer works in multiple departments.   As of now he is teaching, Law 12, Entrepreneurship 12, P.E. 10 and Basketball 10-12.  In an addition to his classes Mr. Heer looks forward to coaching the Cowichan Secondary Basketball team and being involved with other programs.   Mr. Heer is also looking forward to organizing and running intramurals for students in a casual and fun lunchtime environment.

Mr. Heer received his Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and History and his Bachelor of Education at the University of Vancouver Island.

Department Members:

Mrs. Jennifer Budding

Mrs. Wendy Charles

Mrs. Leigh Gough

Mrs. Tracy Hamilton

Mr. Sandeep Heer

Mr. Brad Skene