Counsellors are available to help you with any problem you may have.

Counsellors are able to assist you in a variety of ways:

• Arranging for help if you are finding your schoolwork too difficultListening to your personal or social concerns and providing information and suggestions

• Referring you to community and professional services

• Helping you to choose appropriate courses and careers and to develop a personalized learning plan

• Developing your work habits and your study and self-motivation skills

• Helping you to modify behaviour that is interfering with your success

• Mediating conflicts that arise between you and other students of the school

• Intervening on your behalf if you are at risk and working with you, your family and teachers to enhance your opportunities for success; and consulting with your teachers, or parents or the school administration

If you want to talk with your counsellor, drop by the counselling area and arrange for an appointment by speaking with them directly or with the counselling secretary. Your counsellor will contact you as soon as they can. You are urged to see your counsellor before the concern becomes a crisis. Counsellors are not involved in disciplining students, and all information shared with them is kept confidential. Encourage your parents to contact your counsellor at any time, by telephoning the school.

Thank You,


Leigh Blacklock & Jas Doman