How to Apply for Awards


Application process for local scholarships and bursaries:

  1. Carefully read the Scholarship and Bursary booklet or the Local Scholarships and Bursaries tab
  2. Check criteria and requirements for each scholarship and bursary.
  3. Use the green Scholarship & Bursary checklist to record the awards you are applying for.
  4. Ask the Counselling Secretary for any ‘special application’ forms.
  5. Your transcripts will need to be printed from the Student Transcripts Service (STS) Ministry of Education website.
  6. Prepare a cover letter and Scholarship resumé.
  7. Ask 2 people for letters of reference by the end of February (give them a copy of your resumé, and enough time).

See the “Forms & Scholarship Cover Letters and Resumes” Tab for samples and step by step ‘how to’ instructions.

When everything is ready – take your master package to the Counselling Secretary. The package should include:

Deadline for submission of packages is Friday, March 11th, 2022.


Note: The Counselling Secretary will process all of the packages for local scholarships and send them out to the donors.


Check with Counsellors, Ms. Hittinger or the Counselling Secretary with any questions.