Forms & Scholarship Cover Letters and Resumes


The step by step process includes all the forms you need.

Forms you need to apply:

The Step by Step Process:

1. Application forms

  • Use the Cowichan Secondary Standard Application form for all applications unless a ‘special application’ is required – all forms can be obtained from the Counselling Secretary.
  • Make sure all the information is correct and neatly written in ink or typed and complete.

2. Create a Cover Letter

  • Ensure spelling and sentence structure are correct. Pay attention to spacing.
  • Can be addressed to either the people personally or a general “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Scholarship Chairperson”.
    • 3 paragraphs (a) introduce yourself and state your educational plans and goals
      (b) referring to your resume; explain the activities, courses, school and community service you have been involved with in the last four years
      (c) state your specific reasons for applying for this scholarship including personal reasons of financial need and why it would be helpful to you

In your letter try to be original, personal yet specific, proud of your achievements, show understanding of the criteria for the award, be neat and presentable.

Cover Letter Sample 1

Cover Letter Sample 2

3. Create/ Update your Resume

A resume represents a summary of the person’s history, education and achievement.

Microsoft Word is a great tool:

  • Select File
  • New
  • Resume Wizard/Templates

Follow the instructions and input your information (keep your purpose in mind when selecting the style/type of resume to create).

Remember the following:

  • The resume should be 1 to 3 pages.
  • Always start with your goal or your educational plans.
  • Include the schools you have attended and when.
  • Include any academic/school awards.
  • Include any clubs, activities, teams, community involvement etc.
  • Include any work experience, jobs etc. you have had.
  • List any other areas of interest, skills, achievements, or life hurdles.
  • List the 2 people you will ask for letters of reference including their address and phone number.
  • Always start with the most recent activities, dates, etc. and work backwards. Usually going back to grade 9 is sufficient.

The qualities that most scholarship committees look for: enthusiasm, teamwork, character, hard work, purpose, ability to overcome obstacles, community service, perseverance and responsibility. 

Examples and templates for resumes and cover letters at

Resume Sample 1

Resume Sample 2

4.  Transcript of marks

You can order your transcripts online from Student Transcripts Service on the Ministry of Education website.

5.  Letters of Reference

 Fill out the Letter of Reference Request and present to your two selected people.

a) Select the people you ask to write your reference letters carefully– 2 people (from the school or community) to attest to:

  • your character
  • your school/community involvement
  • your academic performance

b) choose non-family:

  • coaches
  • counsellors
  • teachers
  • neighbours

c) Always ask them personally, give them a copy of your resume and allow them at least week to write it.

d) If you use someone from the community, always ask for their permission to photocopy it to use for several scholarship applications.

 6. Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are essential to good manners!

a) Write a thank you letter to each person who wrote you a reference letter.
b) Later, write a thank you letter to the donor of each local bursary or scholarship that you receive. If you are not sure of the donor’s contact information, see the Counselling Secretary.
c) The donor organizations like to hear how their money has helped in your first year of post- secondary school and how you have done. Please share this with them.

When everything is ready – take your master package to the Counselling Secretary.

The package should include:

And for each award:

  • Completed application form
  • Cover letter
  • Scholarship resume
  • Transcript
  • 2 letters of reference

Deadline for submission of packages has been extended to Monday, March 25, 2024.