Mathematics and Sciences


Science, Math and Numeracy Department

“Today we live in a state of constant change. It is a technology-rich world, where communication is instant and information is immediately accessible. The way we interact with each other personally, socially, and at work has changed forever. Knowledge is growing at exponential rates in many domains, creating new information and possibilities. This is the world our students are entering.”

                                                                                                                         – Ministry of Education

Here at Cowichan Secondary, science teachers are providing students with the tools to understand our technologically rich environment.  We offer students many opportunities through the topics of chemistry, physics, life science and science for the citizen to learn and apply this new knowledge.

A Word from The Mathematics Department.

The Mathematics Department wants to inspire the next generation of mathematician. We aim to provide a broad, balanced and enjoyable mathematics education for all of our students. We believe that an appreciation of mathematics is essential in society today and we try to give our students the knowledge, skills and understanding to fully appreciate and engage with the world around them. The mathematics program at Cowichan Secondary provides all students with a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge, processes and problem solving strategies.