Local Scholarships & Bursaries


Local scholarships & bursaries are offered to our students, thanks to the generous support of several different organizations and individuals in the Cowichan Valley. Each year we update our scholarship & bursary awards and meet with our grade 12 students at the beginning of February for an orientation on how to apply.

Below is a list of local awards offered to Cowichan Secondary School students.

This list is updated often so please check back for new information. Award information will be linked as soon as possible.

NOTE: All Scholarship & Bursary application packages are due to the counselling office by 3 pm Friday, March 10, 2023

These awards are also available as a Booklet you may print or see the Counselling Secretary for a copy.

Click here for a printable standard scholarship & bursary application form. Paper copies are available in the counselling office.

Some scholarships and bursaries require a ‘special application form’ as found within their descriptions.

  1.  A.Brian Simmons Scholarship
  2.  Alex Aitken Elementary Parent Group Bursaries
  3.  Alexander Elementary School Bursary
  4.  Arvind Sund Realtor Sutton Group Scholarships and Bursaries (6 Awards)
    Onkar Dutt Sund Bursary
    Ramesh Kanta & Kewal Krishan Sund Bursary
    Navrattan Sund Scholarship
    Sharma, Maya & Lal Chand Bursary
    Art of Living Foundation Scholarships
  5. Auxiliary to the Cowichan District Hospital Youth Volunteer Program
  6. Beautiful Smiles Denture Clinic Bursary
  7. Bench Elementary School PAC Bursaries
  8. Beta Sigma Phi Bursary
  9. Bill Murray Maple Bay Rowing Club Bursaries
  10. Brayden Gale Memorial Trades Bursary
  11. Brock McLeod Memorial Bursary
  12. Canadian Federation of University Women Cowichan Valley Scholarship/Bursary
  13. Canadian Union of Public Employees – Provincial Award
  14. Canadian Union of Public Employees- Local 5101 Bursary
  15. Catalyst Crofton Paper Excellence Scholarships (2 Awards)
    Community Scholarships
    Indigenous Peoples Scholarship Program
  16.  Chris Nelson Family Scholarship
  17.  City of Duncan – Wayne Blacklock Schroeder Memorial Bursary
  18.  Coast Capital Savings Youth Get It Education Award- postponed
  19.  Corporation of the District of North Cowichan Tom Walker Forest Legacy Scholarship & Bursaries
  20.  Cowichan 4-H Club Bursaries (2 Awards)
    Cowichan-Cobble Hill District 4-H Bursary
    Cowichan Petroleum 4-H Bursary
  21.  Cowichan Creamery Agricultural Scholarship Trust Society
  22.  Cowichan Field Hockey Association Bursary
  23.  Cowichan Folk Guild Bursary 
  24.  Cowichan Rugby Club – Larry Thibodeau Memorial Bursaries
  25.  Cowichan Secondary PAC Bursary
  26.  Cowichan Secondary School – Grad Council Bursary and Service Award- postponed
  27.  Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice Scholarship and Bursary
  28.  Cowichan Valley Highland Dancing Association Bursary
  29.  Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association Bursaries and Scholarship (3 Awards)
  30.  Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society Bursary
  31. Cowichan Valley Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association Bursary
  32.  Cowichan Valley Regional District – Area B Bursary
  33.  Cowichan Valley Regional District – Area C Bursary
  34.  Cowichan Valley Regional District – Area D Bursary
  35.  Cowichan Valley Retired Teachers’ Association Bursary
  36.  Cowichan Valley Teachers’ Union – Col. R. M. Lendrum Bursary
  37.  Cowichan Wheels Association
  38.  Cowichan/Chemainus Valley’s Arts Scholarships
  39.  Cowichan/Chemainus Valley’s Sports Scholarships
  40.  Crofton Community Centre Society (3 Awards)
    Crofton Catering Group Bursaries
    Hugo Lebitschnig Memorial Bursary for the Trades
    Nessie Vye Memorial Bursary
  41.  Crofton School Parent Advisory Committee – The Meeri Lau Memorial Bursary
  42.  Dia Bhatia Bursary
  43.  Drinkwater School Parent Advisory Council Bursary
  44.  Duncan Basketball Association – The Duffy & Pat Chaster, Ruth Cronk, Jock Gillatt, Mike Goulden, Scott Macleod, Joe Scales and Harry Sjoberg Scholarships
  45.  Duncan Daybreak Rotary Club Performing Arts Scholarship
  46.  Duncan Elks Lodge #69 Bursary
  47.  Duncan Junior Baseball (2 Awards)
    Jason McKinnon Memorial Bursary
    Michelle Yano Memorial Bursary
  48.  Duncan Lions Club Bursaries (3 Awards)
    Trevor Laird Memorial Bursary
    Tim Jang Memorial Bursary
    Sassy Lion Thrift Store Bursary
  49.  Ecole Cobble Hill Bursary
  50.  Ecole Mount Prevost (formerly Ecole Duncan El) PAC Bursaries
  51.  Evening Optimist Club of Victoria Bursaries
  52.  Fairbridge Farm School Bursary
  53.  Fraternal Order of Eagles – Officers and Members of No. 2546 Bursary
  54.  Friends of Future Teachers -Tom Miller Bursary and Bud Fulton Bursary
  55.  George Alistair MacKay Scholarship
  56.  Irene Mabel Robertson Memorial Bursary
  57.  Irene Paradis Nursing Bursary
  58.  John Thomas ‘J.T.’ Memorial Bursary
  59.  The Ken Ridenour Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics
  60.  Kennely Johnston Memorial Bursary
  61.  Khowhemun Elementary School Parent Advisory Council Bursaries
  62.  Khowutzun Forest Services Bursaries
  63.  Kinette Club of Duncan Bursaries- Postponed
  64.  Kinsmen Club of Duncan Bursaries (2 Awards)
    Dan Tiesu Memorial Bursary
    Gerry Ryan Memorial Bursary
  65.  Kiwanis Club of Duncan Memorial Bursaries
  66.  Ladies Auxiliary to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Bursary
  67.  Lori Carroll Bursary for Special Needs Graduates
  68.  Maple Bay Elementary School Bursary & Scholarship
  69.  Maple Bay Painters Club Bursary
  70.  Mellor Mobile Mechanical Bursary
  71.  Michael Ruge Business Bursary
  72.  Mid Island Co-op Scholarship
  73.  Mill Bay Garden Club Bursary
  74.  Monk Office Graduation Scholarship
  75.  Mosaic Forest Management Scholarship
  76.  Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC) Scholarship and Awards
  77.  Public and Private Workers of Canada, Local 2
  78.  Queen of Angels School (3 Awards)
    Parent Auxiliary Bursaries
    David McKinnon Memorial Bursary
    Roberta Honora Pascoe Memorial Bursary
  79. Ronald G. Taylor Memorial Scholarship
  80.  Rotary Club of Duncan Scholarships & Bursaries
    Academic Program
    Vocational/Trades Programs
  81.  Royal Canadian Legion – Sir Percy Lake Memorial Scholarship
  82.  Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #53 Bursaries
  83.  Somenos Rural Traditional School Bursary
  84.  Somenos Women’s Institute Centennial Bursary
  85.  Storwell Foster Children Bursary
  86.  Tansor Elementary School Bursaries
  87.  Tom Clark Memorial Bursary
  88.  Tyler Ridgway Memorial Trades Bursary
  89.  United Steelworkers, Local 1-1937 School District #79 Cowichan Valley Bursary
  90.  United Steelworkers, Local 1-1937 Memorial Scholarship
  91.  Valley Seniors Organization of Duncan – Taylor Mast Bursary
  92.  Viraj Shahi Memorial Bursary – Dhaliwal Family
  93.  Youth and Mentors in Music and the Arts Bursary