Humanities Department



Welcome to the English and Social Studies Department

The English and Social Studies Department is committed to providing students with quality instruction that encourages them to improve their critical thinking, writing, and communications skills. The purpose of humanities courses is to assist in the development of the student as an individual who will function as a member of an increasingly complex society. Responsible citizenship is the ultimate goal.

English and Social Studies teachers at Cowichan Secondary go above and beyond words on a page to engage students with relevant stories, past and current event articles, films, essays, plays, poetry, novels and multi-media texts that excite and entertain. Not every student that passes through our doors is going to write Hamlet or run for Prime Minister but many of them will be inspired to try!

Department Members:

  • Brayden Campbell (Social Studies)
  • Stephanie Burr (English)
  • Rob Cameron (English)
  • Jas Doman (Self-Paced Humanities)
  • Corina Fitznar (Humanities)
  • Leah Gough (English)
  • Rosanna Jackson (Humanities)
  • Art Laughland (Humanities)
  • Peter Luff (Humanities)
  • Brad Skene (Humanities)
  • Andrea Sutherland (Self-Paced Humanities)
  • Diana Weld (Humanities)
  • Shari White (Humanities)



Department Head:  Ms. Diana Weld

Ms. Weld is a proud Cowichan Secondary School graduate. A fascination with physical geography and a short career in environmental consulting led her away from her dream of teaching. However, she returned to university to get a degree in education and has been teaching in the Cowichan School District ever since. Ms. Weld looks forward to spending time with her students and facilitating opportunities to learn and develop understanding about past and present events. In her spare time, Ms. Weld can be found camping, sailing, and exploring trails and beaches with her son, daughter and dog.

Ms. Weld received her Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History and her Bachelor of Education at the University of Victoria. She received a Masters in Administration and Supervision from Gonzaga University.